The Church I long for…

My church (First Church Coral Springs) hosted an event today called P.O.V. (Point of View), with the intent of teaching people how to be more empathetic of other’s points of views, especially when their views are different than your own.  Empathy does not mean changing your mind or opinion.  Empathy does mean listening respectfully to another person’s stories and perspectives.  Empathy does mean seeking understanding.  Empathy means caring enough to treat the other person with respect, kindness, and fairness.

Near the end of the day, we were asked, “What type of Church are you longing for?”

Here’s my answer…

“I long to be part of a church that loves well, that helps broken people find healing (all of us are broken), and that claims and restores broken places.”

How would you answer the question?  What type of Church are you longing for?

5 thoughts on “The Church I long for…

  1. The church I long for looks a lot like First Church. The fire I see, the love that I see, the healing I see, the Spirit that I see, and the love of God that I see coming from different points of view makes some of the other issues seem trivial to me. I would hope that Christ would affirm this in a like manner as He did to the church in Philadelphia, as described in Revelation 3


  2. Vance, I was so so sorry I missed the  POV event today but Jeff has been very sick and I didn’t want to leave him.Perhaps I can pick up some materials from you to read or email them …Jeff feels better so I hope to see you tomorrow.Blessings,Dee Cairnes

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  3. A church that provides family support and youth counseling, which will seek to reinforce their manners, morals, values, modesty, relationship skills, and has discussion sessions for current events. One with classes and support groups for relationships — both marital and personal — to learn empathy and concern for others. A church that focuses on missions and support of the needy. One whinch has marriage and grief support classes are available. One that is focused on following the Lord’s Word! One that does not seek to modify the Word so it can solve problems, which were created by their lack of Discipline. One that follows the Discipline which it has in place and provides accountability to those who do not follow it.. We are headed down a dangerous road as a church.


  4. The church I long for exemplifies the love of Jesus, starting with how we treat our own brothers and sisters in Christ in a way that fulfills John 13:35 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” This love is not restricted to our own in First Church, but to our larger family of the holy catholic church. Then, a church that pursues sharing that love with those around us who don’t already know Jesus. May we truly represent our savior in all that we do!
    Oh, if I could do that myself!

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