I was wrong…

I’ve been wrong.  I’ve been wrong a lot.

My parents, my wife, my friends, my coworkers and my children can all confirm that I’ve been wrong.

I’ve made wrong decisions and wrong choices.

I’ve been on the wrong side of arguments.

I’ve been wrong about people – sometimes trusting people I shouldn’t, and sometimes not trusting people I should,

I’ve done wrong.

I’ve allowed myself to be influenced wrongly.

I’ve gone the wrong way.

I’ve given wrong advice.

I’ve had wrong reactions.

When I was in school, my grades indicated that I was wrong – a lot!

I’ve gotten tickets for driving the wrong speed.

I’ve heard things wrong and said the wrong thing.

When I was a teen, I didn’t believe in God.  I was wrong.

I can’t even tell you how often I’ve wondered, “What’s wrong with me?”

Sometimes, I know something is wrong.  I just don’t know what it is.

Yep – I’ve been wrong, a lot.  I guess that’s why Jesus talks so much about repentance – which, basically, means admitting you are wrong and turning toward what is right.

Brian McLaren writes, “Repentance means rethink – to reconsider your direction and consider a new one, to admit that you might be wrong, to give your life a second thought, to think about your thinking.”  

What have you been wrong about?

3 thoughts on “I was wrong…

  1. Hey Vance, I’ve really been enjoying your blog posts. Last weeks post was especially meaningful to me.


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