Lent 2017

Tomorrow begins the season of Lent.  Throughout Lent, one of my spiritual disciplines will be this daily blog.  I plan to devote more time during Lent to reading, study, prayer, and reflection, which will hopefully lead to something meaningful to share with anyone who might be interested.

Many people, during Lent, either “give up” or “take on” some behavior or practice, as a spiritual discipline – hopefully to help them grow closer to God.  This Lent, I plan to do the following…

  • I’m giving up watching television, as well as my Facebook and Twitter news feeds.
  • I’m giving up all desserts in all forms.
  • I plan to read several theological/spiritual books, as well daily Scripture Reading and journaling.
  • And, as I said, I plan to blog a spiritual reflection or observation every day.

Jesus warned to not be too public about our spiritual practices, due to the potential risk of appearing to be (or actually being) prideful.  That certainly is a risk to be avoided!  But, I think there’s also some benefit to sharing your goals and intentions – perhaps for a little accountability, and possibly even to inspire others to pursue their own spiritual goals.

So, how will you be observing Lent this year?  I’d love to hear.

2 thoughts on “Lent 2017

  1. Vance I am starting tonite reading Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly. I have read it before and really loved it. Very short chapters and cut to the heart prayers at the end. I really think it’s for lent as there are 40 chapters.


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